Definitions for "VT100"
Originally a specific model of Digital Equipment (DEC) computer terminal. The capabilities (character set, number of columns, etc.) of this terminal became a common standard for terminal emulation software. A successor, the VT102, forms the basis for the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard terminal. Generic versions of server software on networked host computers often prompt users for terminal type; "vt100" is usually an acceptable response (be sure your communications software is configured to this setting).
Originally, a dedicated terminal built by DEC to interface to mainframes. The VT100 became a standard for terminals, and as a result almost all terminal emulation programs can emulate the VT100. The VT100s make excellent footstools these days and will be outlived only by terminals made long ago by DataMedia that can withstand being dropped out a window without losing a connection.
A common type of terminal for use with mainframe computers. Most communications programs which allow PC's to communicate with mainframe computers allow the PC to emulate a VT-100 terminal.