Definitions for "Network Computer"
Keywords:  dumb, ncs, rely, download, intranet
A very basic and in-expensive computer designed to rely on a server to store all the information it needs.
Low-cost Web-surfer devices with no disk drives and programs written in Sun’s Java language. Initiated by Oracle, but IBM, Apple, Sun, and others have either announced or delivered similar products. The NC was positioned as the thin client, an antidote to PC-based client/server systems that have run desperately over budget. NCs, connected to large servers via an intranet, have all the management advantages of 3270 terminals and all the GUI benefits of a PC. Reports of the consequent death of the PC, however, were exaggerated and by 1998 it was the NC that was marginalized. See Network Station.
A single-user computer, usually diskless, that is designed to work with a server computer to obtain programs and data (also called Net PC).
a home entertainment device envisioned to bring web surfing to the masses. Proferred by Larry Ellison of Oracle. See NC, hype. new - 1. a special method used to instantiate an Xtra or a child object. The new method returns an instance of the Xtra or object and must be called before calling other instance-level methods. The new method replaces the mNew method used by XObjects, and the birth method formerly used by Director 4.0 child objects.
A PC designed to access a network for processing and data storage, instead of performing those tasks locally.
a thin-client solution to web-based products and applications