Definitions for "RAS"
A Windows NT feature that allows remote users to log into an a LAN using a modem, X.25 connection, or WAN link. RAS is compatible with network protocols including TCP/IP, IPX, and NetBEUI.
Registration, admission, and status protocol. This is the protocol that is used between endpoints and the gatekeeper to perform management functions.
H.225 Registration, Admission, and Status Protocol—spoken between H.323 gateways and their gatekeepers
rectified airspeed, ie, IAS corrected for position error
Rectified Air Speed
rectified airspeed. Indicated airspeed corrected for instrument position error.
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A memory chip signal that latches the row address of a particular location in a row-column matrix.
Row Address Strobe - memory controller signal that tells the memory that it can read the row address signal.
Row address strobe. The signal that tells the DRAM to accept the given address as a row address. Used with CAS and a column address to select a bit within the DRAM.
reticular activating system. The mesencephalic portion of the reticular formation; responsible for arousal and the maintenance of consciousness.
the network in the reticular formation that serves an alerting or arousal function
Reticular activating system. network of neurons mostly within the brainstem that helps regulate attention and arousal levels (sleep and wakefulness, consciousness).
Return Activated Sludge. Sludge that is returned to the beginning of the aeration process from the bottom of the secondary clarifiers. Return sludge contains organic solids and live microbes. The microbes feed on the organic material that is contained in the primary effluent.
Return Activated Sludge. Settled activated sludge that is collected in the secondary clarifier and returned to the aeration basin to mix with incoming raw or primary settled wastewater.
Reliability, Availability, Serviceability. A common term used when describing the characteristics of a software product or environment.
SUN Raster format. Reliability, Availability, Serviceability
Sun Raster Image File image format.
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Eithiopian prince
Ethiopian prince
see rasa
Radar Advisory Service. Provided outside regulated airspace to notify pilots of conflicting traffic and to advise suitable avoiding action. Also RASA Radar Advisory Service Area.
Radio Alarm System. A system in which signals are transmitted from a radio alarm transmitter (RAT) located at a protected premises through a radio channel to two or more radio alarm repeater station receivers (RARRSR) and are annunciated by a radio alarm supervising station receiver (RASSR) located at the central station.
Renin-Angiotensin System
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Rail Adapter System, Knight's Manufacturing Co.'s (AKA Knight's Armament Co.) small arms accessory mounting system, using MIL-STD-1913 rails to allow quick and standardized installation of accessories (sights, lights, grips, etc) onto a weapon.
A type of accessory interface See ' RIS'.
Robotics and Automation Society
Royal Agricultural Society (Egypt)
Royal Astronomical Society
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The Research Activity Survey. An annual survey in which institutions provide HEFCE with an update on research students, research assistants, research fellows and research income from charities since the previous RAE. These data inform QR funding for the following year.
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Cape. Ar: cape. UP
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River Assault Squadron
The Right Accounting System is a true Web base and innovate financial system, designed for multi-department and multi companies to process vouchers, print all G/L reports and financial statements. KEY WORDS:finance/finacial/accounting/ledgers
UCLA form used when it is necessary to obtain an account/fund number for an extramurally funded project prior to receipt of the actual award from the sponsor.
refactoring report generator rip RS423
Traditional Indian folkdance normally played between a collection of partners, each partner having a pair of sticks to strike in accompaniment to the music while singing and dancing in a circular motion.
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Russian Academy of Sciences
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Replenishment at Sea
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See 2d Reis.
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family oncogenes, ... gene family, ... oncogene
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Acoustical equivalent of Rms
reusable asset specification. A set of concepts, notations, and guidelines for describing the reusable assets of business systems. The specification focuses on specific reusable assets within (and occasionally across) architectural views and how to document each asset.
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The seconds of right ascension.
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Regional Affairs Specialist
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Radioactive Substances
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Another name for mercury.
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rear area security
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source or head