Definitions for "Skype "
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Skype uses P2P technology to provide voice-based communication with other Internet users. The technology is extremely advanced, but easy to use. It features excellent sound quality, end-to-end encryption, and automatic negotiation of firewalls or routers.
Skype is a popular peer-to-peer VoIP network. The service allows users to make and receive free calls to other Skype users.
Skype is a PC based VoIP service that uses a propriatry protocol. This means that Skype users can only phone other Skype users, and they cannot make calls to the PSTN network. For more information go to
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The Skype SourceForge project is the public repository for Skype-related open-source projects including SkypeWeb and Skype API implementations. Do you have a SkypeWeb or SkypeAPI project you'd like to share? Get in touch!