Definitions for "Private Network"
A leased, private transmission network that links multiple locations of a company or other organization, using voice and/or data communications lines reserved exclusively for that company's traffic.
A telecommunications network on the customer's side of a network termination point, forming the boundary between a public telecommunication system run under a PTO licence and the user's network, generally run under a Class Licence.
A network that belongs to a person, a company, or an organization that has access restriction, thus can be accessed only by authorized parties. Contrast with public network.
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a terrific way to share services while paring costs
a collection of computers administered by a single organization and installed at one or more sites for sharing information freely
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a connection that allows private data to be sent securely via a Virtual LAN connection
a point-to-point connection that links two or more nodes directly
a system of interconnected computers, mostly used in businesses and homes