Definitions for "Seconds"
A grade of material which has a slight defect or does not meet the standard set for the product. They are usable where a lessening of standard or appearance is not a problem.
Pieces of ware that have slight noticeable imperfections, but do not effect it's usefulness.
term for imperfect sheets. See also retree and outsides.
The number of times in which a player has played second in the course of multiple games. The number of Seconds is used to help determine which player goes first in an organized Scrabble game. See Firsts.
Seconds is the third album released by Kate Rogers.
Seconds is the name of a film starring Rock Hudson that was first released in 1966. Characterized sometimes as a science fiction thriller, but with elements of horror, psychedelia and drama, Seconds was directed by John Frankenheimer with a screenplay by Lewis John Carlino. The script was based on a novel by David Ely.
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Seconds patterns began in 1919 and were intended to indicate china which didn't meet the high quality standards of the Shelley factory. Patterns were often just like the best china but several special "secons-only" patterns arose. Seconds had a number in the series of 2000-2999 and might have a "2" or "2 nd " applied.
What you didn't get when your hungry partners got there first.
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Cheating by dealing the second card instead of the top card.
A style of cheating in which the dealer gives out the second card from the top of the deck, holding the top card for himself.
1) On a burley tobacco plant, the second grouping of leaves from the ground. Seconds are often thin and/or damaged due to their proximity to the ground. 2) Low-quality cigar tobacco, reserved for use in less-expensive cigars. 3) Tobacco leaves harvested from a second crop.
a term that refers to clothing rejected by the FOTL quality control due to small defects occurred in their manufacturing
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Seconds is an episode of The Batman. It was aired on January 25th, 2007 in the UK.
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The men who stay outside the ring by their boxer's corner and enter it at the end of each round to refresh him, attend to any injuries, and to see if he is fit to continue the contest.