Definitions for "JDF"
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A format that grew out of an initiative by Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, Adobe Systems, MAN Roland and Agfa and now supported by CIP4. It forms the basis for the non-proprietary integration of print processes, is based on the XML formatting language and embraces a definition for describing print jobs, a message format and an associated transfer protocol.
JDF stands for Job Definition Format and is an industry standard designed to simplify information exchange between different applications and systems in and around the graphic arts industry. JDF builds on and extends beyond pre-existing partial solutions, such as CIP3's Print Production Format (PPF) and Adobe Systems' Portable Job Ticket Format (PJTF). It enables the integration of commercial and planning applications into the technical workflow. JDF is a comprehensive XML-based file format and proposed industry standard for end-to-end job ticket specifications combined with a message description standard and message interchange protocol ensuring maximum possible portability between different platforms and ready interaction with Internet-based systems.
JDF is a comprehensive XML-based file format designed to act as an industry standard for end-to-end job ticket manipulation and processing. It is intended to enable the entire industry, including media, design, graphic arts, on demand and e-commerce companies, to implement and work with individual workflow solutions.
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Judiciary Development Fund
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. Now called the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation