Definitions for "STD"
Any disease transmitted by bacteria or virus primarily during sexual contact.
or Sexually transmitted disease.
Sexually Transmitted Disease. any infection pertaining to or transmitted by sexual intercourse. The most common STDs are gonorrhea, herpes and AIDS. Some STDs are readily treatable if medical help is sought early. Certain STDs can cause infertility in both men and women if untreated.
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The ISO currency code for the Sao Tome Dobra.
Sao Tome and Principe Dobra
A subseries of RFCs that specify Internet standards. The official list of Internet standards is in STD 1. See also: For Your Information, Request For Comments.
(Standard Range) scanner for scanning barcodes from a medium distance. Standard range scanners are very versatile capable of scanning well into the high density spectrum of barcodes and yet provides a good distance or depth of field when scanning 'normal' (100% UPC) sized barcodes.
A subseries of RFCs that specify Internet standards. The official list of Internet standards is in STD 1. See also: FYI, RFC. [RFC1392].
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(Short Term Disability) - Insurance plan which provides replacement income to a covered disabled employee up to a specific period not exceeding six months.
Short Term Disability. Provides non-occupational disability benefits and is payable when an employee becomes disabled due to accident, sickness or pregnancy and is under the regular care of a medical provider. The benefit amount, the day benefits begin, and the maximum period for which benefits are payable are chosen by the employer.
hort- erm isability benefit provided to employees who are absent from work due to illness or disability. Short Term Disability (also known as Weekly Indemnity or Sick Leave) usually has a maximum amount of time the benefit will last.
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See exually ransmitted isease.
Spontaneous Transient Depolarizations
Submarine Tailings Disposal (the pumping of mine tailings directly into the ocean. This is largely considered as unproven technology and is illegal in most developed countries)
System Technology Branch
Strategic Technology Domain
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Subscriber Trunk Dialling
The abbreviation Std stands for a specific character set of an OpenType font. Std fonts conform with the Adobe OpenType “Std” character set; see “OpenType Font Character Sets”.
STD is an abbreviation used in several different contexts that stand for different terms.
Senior Tournament Director
Shuttle Test Director
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Scheduled time of departure, the time of departure according to the published schedule expressed in a 6 cipher code, stated in LT or UTC for flights, in LT for trucks.
State Transition Diagram Graphic SureThing CD Labeler Document
Semester to Date. Selected dollar and hour balances computed since the start of the semester and zeroed before the start of the next semester (e.g., work study earnings STD).
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