Definitions for "SAO"
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Any marine annelid of the genus Hyalinæcia, especially H. tubicola of Europe, which inhabits a transparent movable tube resembling a quill in color and texture.
Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Sao is a prograde irregular satellite of Neptune. It was discovered by Matthew J. Holman et al. on August 14, 2002.
An enhancement to the Java API, that allows you to access Services as Objects. This greatly simplifies the writing of Java code for OOo.
Survival Assistance Officer
Senior American Officer
Student Activities Office
Percentage of haemoglobin molecules that are carrying oxygen molecules.
percentage of oxygenated red blood cells in arterial blood; this parameter is obtained in a blood laboratory from a sample of arterial blood and may be approximated by a continuous measurement of SpO
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School Attendance Order Gives an LEA powers to help it ensure that children attend school. An LEA must serve an SAO on the parent of a child of compulsory school age who fails to prove the child is receiving suitable education, and where the authority believes the child should attend school. Failure to comply with an SAO is an offence, unless the parent can prove the child is receiving suitable education outside school. The Order itself has a specified legal format.
Session at once, where a complete session (Lead-in, Program and Lead-out areas) of a CD-R or CD-RW disc is written in one uninterrupted sequence.
Session-At-Once more...
a traditional unit of land area in Vietnam. The sao varies somewhat from province to province. It is equal to 360 square meters (430.6 square yards) in many places, but as much as 500 square meters (598.0 square yards) in others.
May be conducted at the discretion of the DOS. May Also Be Known As: Security Advisory Opinion
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Science Archive Operations
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