Definitions for "STI"
Any infection that is passed from person to person during sex.
exually ransmitted nfection) -- Any infection that is acquired through sexual contact in a substantial number of cases.
short for 'Sexually Transmitted Infections' There are dozens of recognised infections that can be passed on sexually
shallow trench isolation. The isolation of one transitor from another
Shallow Trench Isolation. The STI isolates each transistor from its adjacent transistor in order to prevent current leakage. Traditionally this isolation was accomplished with a LOCOS (localized oxidation of silicon) field oxide process.
Developed in the early 1970’s, the Speech Transmission Index (STI) is an machine measure of intelligibility whose value varies from 0 (completely unintelligible) to 1 (perfect intelligibility). In STI testing, speech is modeled by a special test signal with speech-like characteristics. Following on the concept that speech can be described as a fundamental waveform that is modulated by low-frequency signals, STI employs a complex amplitude modulation scheme to generate its test signal. At the receiving end of the communication system, the depth of modulation of the received signal is compared with that of the test signal in each of a number of frequency bands. Reductions in the modulation depth are associated with loss of intelligibility. Return to
Speech Transmission Index. Measure of the intelligibility of speech in an environment. Scale of 0 to 1. An STI of 0 is completely unintelligible. An STI of 1 would be perfectly intelligible. STI can be measured in the field or can also be calculated using computer models of architectural spaces.
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Straits Times Index.
Straits Times Interactive
Subaru Tecnica Internationale
Steinert Industries, 1000 Mogadore Rd., Kent OH 44240 ( 216-678-0028 Sets standard for blow pipes in USA, also provides optic molds and other tools.
"Shimano Total Integration" -- a marketing ploy that forces you to buy new brakes when you replace your shifters.
Signal transduction inhibitor. One of the most exciting types of molecules in cancer research, STIs mostly inhibit enzymes that carry out the actions that make cancer cells behave as they do: multiplying too fast, living too long, invading other tissues, etc. Gleevec is a type of STI.
Structured Treatment Interruption. A planned period during which a person stops taking all antiretroviral drugs.
STRUCTURED TREATMENT INTERRUPTION. A temporary suspension of treatment, planned in consultation with a physician.
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Surface transfer impedance.
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Service Transfer Invoice.
Sustainable Travel International
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Steel Tube Institute of North America, North America
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Service Trigger Information
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Input data
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Standard Text Interface.