Definitions for "OPC"
When recording on a disc, it is necessary to adjust the recording laser power to take into account differences in recording conditions, such as recording sensitivity of the recording layer, temperature, and fluctuations in laser wavelength. This process, called OPC, can write test data with different recording power and read them back at the PCA (Power Calibration Area) on the very inside of the disc. Then based on an evaluation standard it determines the optimum power.
OPC's are used as an antioxidant to protect the body against the harmful biological effects of free radicals. OPC's can be extracted from peanut skins, pine bark or grape seeds. OPC's, or proanthocyanidins are the most powerful antioxidant free radical scavengers known to man. They are as much as 50 times more potent than vitamin E and 20 times more than vitamin C. OPC's are major protectors of collagen, the basic foundation our blood vessels and all connective tissues such as skin, ligaments around joints and tendons.
OPC will write data to the PCA (Power Calibration Area) at the inside of the disc, using different laser power levels, and read this data back to determine the optimum recording power. The laser power is optimized to adjust for differences in recording conditions, such as sensitivity of the dye and minor variations in disc thickness.
A recognized worldwide standard for inter-program communications allowing business, process and automation application data to be integrated.
(OLE for process control) : Object linking & embedding (OLE) that treats data as collections of objects to be shared by applications supporting OLE specifications. OPC provides extensions to OLE to support process control data sharing.
OLE for Process Control. A COM-based standard defined by the OPC foundation that specifies how to interact with device servers. COM is a Microsoft 32-bit Windows technology.
a marketing term used to describe people who approach potential buyers on the street and offer an incentive, such as a gift or tickets to a local attraction, to visit a timeshare project or sales booth to find out more about purchasing options.
A term used to describe people who meet potential buyers on the street and offer an incentive, such as a certificate for dinner or tickets to a local attraction, to visit a timeshare project. These could be booths set up on the street.
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(Optical Plankton Counter): An instrument which uses a beam of light to detect particles between 0.2 and 14mm ESD in the water column. The OPC is traditionally towed behind a ship on a conducting cable. Particles passing through the 2 cm x 25 cm sampling tunnel enter a 4mm deep beam of light and produce a shadow. The size of the shadow is calculated and used to describe the particle in terms of its equivalent spherical diameter (ESD). ( more information)
rganic hoto- onductive) drum The light-sensitive imaging drum used in later printers and photocopiers.
optical particle counter
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riginating oint ode
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Opel Peformance Center
Office of the Privacy Commissioner
Office of Parliamentary Counsel
Office of the People's Counsel
Ordinary Portland Cement; customarily used for making concrete, mortar and grout in non-aggressive conditions.
Other People's Children. Obviously for childfree, that means ALL children, but occasionally childfree people use the term, or you might see a parent use it on a childfree board or a debate board.
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Original Production Cel, as opposed to a limited edition or sericel.
Origination Point Code (SS7)
originating point code
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Ontario Principals' Council
Observing Programmes Committee