Definitions for "Timeshare"
The system of time ownership consists of buying the right to spend your holiday in your own villa or apartment, in the pace of your choice, for a given number of years. It is often possible to switch weeks and resorts with other timeshare owners, but this depends on demand. Obviously, the better resorts and weeks are in heavy demand and you may not be able to switch to there from your less-favoured area. Luckily you can lend your weeks to friends, let or sell them. Again, prices for resale are not guaranteed and many people have found to their cost that resale is virtually impossible. Timeshare weeks should not really be considered as investments.
A fully furnished vacation accommodation that is partially owned by a number of people. Timeshares require a one-off purchase price, along with annual maintenance fees, and are purchased in perpetuity or for a predetermined number of years.
A term used to describe the right and joint ownership of a resort property (e.g., a condominium) shared with others. Each "owner" owns a certain period of time and occupies a unit of accommodation on a regular basis for a number of years. Timeshare is sometimes referred to as "Vacation Exchange," "Holiday Ownership," "Multi Ownership" or "Group Ownership."
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Any legal issues which may arise in the use or sale of timeshare property.
a piece of property that is owned by several people at once
a program in which a group of people shares use of a property by dividing among themselves the rights to use the property for specific time periods
a unique hybrid between a hotel and a regular homeowner association
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a major investment
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a different kind of real-estate purchase