Definitions for "INFECTED"
Contaminated with extraneous biological agents and therefore capable of spreading infection.
contaminated with infecting organisms; "dirty wounds"; "obliged to go into infected rooms"- Jane Austen
having undergone infection; "a purulent wound"
Another way to say that someone has "caught" a germ is to say they are INFECTED. If you are infected with a disease-causing germ there is a certain amount of time (called an INCUBATION PERIOD) between the time you get INFECTED and the time that you show SYPMTOMS (signs) of the disease.
place Legal term for a place which has been declared an infected place by an inspector (under section 22 of the Health of Animals Act) and consequently restrictions have been imposed by section 25 of the Health of Animals Act limiting the movement of animals, animal products and by-products, things, etc. A declared infected place may be an infected premises, an exposed premises, a contact premises or more simply a premises that is declared infected because of its close proximity to an infected premises. An infected place is suspected of having an infection, but not necessarily confirmed to have infection.
To have a disease or virus.
Infected is a third person shooter for the Play Station Portable. The game was made by Majesco and Planet Moon Studios. There was a contest held before the release of the game and the winner was to be featured in the game as secret avatar.
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Infected was The The's 1986 second album.