Definitions for "Flexible manufacturing system"
A manufacturing system designed as to permit the production line to be frequently readjusted, FMS rapidly matching production output to changes in demand. Requires mixed-model scheduling, standardization of equipment for short changeover times, multi-skilled operators and design of the entire production line to enable workers to perform more then one function and to reduce transportation time between lines.
integrates combinations of various types of capital equipment, primarily in metal-cutting applications. A system is flexible if it is capable of processing a number of different work-pieces simultaneously and automatically, with the machines in the system carrying out the systemís operation in any sequence.
(n) A group of machines that can be programmed to produce a variety of similar products. For example, an automobile parts supplier might specialize in the production of gears for transmissions. An FMS cell might be used to produce the gears for more than one automobile manufacturer because the parts are similar.