Definitions for "turnkey"
The franchisor is responsible for fully developing a method and program for a franchisee to follow which allows the doors of a franchise to be opened and the business to be run with little or no input by the franchisee.
A franchise opportunity where most all aspects of a business prior to opening are provided to the franchisee by the franchisor. Also referred to as “Business in a Box,” a turnkey business means the franchise buyer shouldn't need to do much more than “turn the key” in the door to start the business.
The franchisor is responsible for fully developing a "turnkey" franchise until or after, the doors are open for business.
This usually refers to a server or a complex system that can basically be shipped from the manufacturer, turned on, and work right away. Many VARs pride...
This type of outsourcing arrangement becomes viable when working with offshore manufacturers who have existing capabilities, processes, materials sourcing, quality systems and technical expertise in place. In this case, the offshore provider offers comprehensive, start-to-finish solutions.
Providing complete electronic manufacturing services comprising design, materials planning, procurement, inventory management, manufacturing and distribution.
Of or pertaining to a building, complex device, system, or industrial installation which is sold by a contractor only after it is ready for immediate occupation or use; fully functional and ready for use; -- used of complex systems of a type which often require preparation or installation by the user before being capable of functioning as intended; as, a turnkey ethylene production plant; a turnkey apartment building.
Refers to a complete hardware/software package which is preloaded and ready to run when plugged in.
Contract manufacturing where all parts, components, and hardware are supplied by NASO and assembled per the customer’s specifications.
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A person who has charge of the keys of a prison, for opening and fastening the doors; a warder.
Guard, Correctional Officer (or Hack, Pig, Screw).
someone who guards prisoners
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A generic term for a variety of public/private partnership arrangements whereby a public sector entity awards a contract to one or more private firms to undertake the development, construction, and/or operation of an infrastructure project for a predetermined period of time before turning the project back over to the public entity. Turnkeys may take various forms, including design-build-transfer and build-operate-transfer.
A turnkey contract is one where the client has an agreement with one single administrative entity, who provides the design and construction under one contract, and frequently effect land acquisition, financing, leasing, etc.
A self-build 'turnkey project' is one that is entirely managed by an individual or a company (such as an architect or timber frame company), with your own involvement limited to providing funds and design guidelines.
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A computer system with software which is set up to meet a user's needs and requires only that the "key be turned" in order for it to work; in theory, a turnkey system requires no changes and seldom can be changed to meet a user's need.
Literally a business whereby a new owner simply has to "turn the key" to start operations.
describes a system that can be started up with the proverbial turn of a key
A drilling contract that calls for a drilling contractor to drill a well, for a fixed price, to a specified depth. The purpose of drilling a well by turnkey contract may be related to the timing of Federal income tax deductions. For income tax purposes, expenses are deductible from gross income as they are incurred. When a turnkey contract is entered into toward the end of the current tax year, the drilling costs may be pre-paid at that time. The idea is to give a working interest owner (or investor) in the well, the opportunity to deduct the intangible drilling costs from his gross income in the current tax year.
In oil and gas, a contract with an operator to drill a well for a fixed cost. Since the operator is liable for cost overruns, there is a practical tendency to ‘pad’ the turnkey cost.
A business solution in which the provider assumes total responsibility from design through completion of the project. For example, you can have a turnkey Web site (a complete site built according to your specifications), a turnkey e-commerce solution (which would include all the software and merchant accounts required to enable an e-store to accept credit cards), or a turnkey search engine submission service (which writes your keywords and submits your site to search engines and directories for you). Many consulting firms refer to themselves as turnkey solution providers, meaning that they can assess your needs and do all the coding required to build an entire e-commerce capable Web site.
A method of construction whereby the contractor assumes total responsibility from design through completion of the product.
An approach in which the developer handles all aspects of project development and execution and then turns the keys over to the customer upon completion.
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An instrument with a hinged claw, -- used for extracting teeth with a twist.
A product or service which can be implemented or utilized with no additional...
A bundled-product package that is operable right out of the box without any additional purchases.
A product or system that can be plugged in, turned on, and operated with little or no additional configuring.