Definitions for "Subcontractor"
One who takes a portion of a contract, as for work, from the principal contractor.
A third party, an individual or a company, hired by one (or more) prime contractors to carry out tasks related to the project.(FR:Sous-traitant )
One who works under a general contractor, often a specialist, such as an electrical contractor, cement contractor, etc.
an individual, partnership, or corporation that provides construction services
a third party that is assigned tasks to carry out on behalf of the partnership
An individual, firm, partnership, or corporation who, with the written consent of the Engineer, assumes obligation for performing specified work.
a legal entity or international organisation, or the JRC which is a party to a subcontract, i
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an organization that is paid with WIA funds to provide one or more specific WIA Program elements e
a supplier organisation with whom the main supplier has a subcontract
an organisation that supplies goods or services to a supplier.
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It's you, baby. A subcontractor is an individual who provides a service for a business without the benefits of health insurance, a regular paycheck, or a 401(k) plan. Note: IPs can have subcontractors, too.
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