Definitions for "Sub-Contractor"
a person who provides a service for payment or other remuneration, but is self employed, or employed by another company
Company retained by prime contractor to provide services.
persons employed to undertake specialist work beyond the capacity or capabilities of the main contractor. Domestic SCs are employed directly by the main contractor. Named SCs are on lists of firms specified by the client or his architect, and thereafter approached by whoever is tendering for the work. Nominated SCs are specialist firms selected by the client or his architect, with whom the main contractor must then work.
A third party supplier of services.
a facility contracted by a company or a supplier to carry out part of the production process, such as cutting, sewing, assembling or packaging.
A person or company that contracts with the builder to perform work on a specific part of a construction job, such as excavation, plumbing, electrical work, or landscaping. Also called "sub".
A company appointed by your mover to carry out packing, loading, collection or delivery services on your movers behalf.
an organisation whose services are bought in at a later date