Definitions for "Decorator"
Craftsperson used to install drape, fabric, signs, ect. Has also become a common term for general service contractor.
An individual (skilled craftsperson) or company (a contractor) providing services for a trade show and/or its exhibitors.
An individual or company providing installation & Dismantle and booth and hall dressing services for a trade show and/or its exhibitors. Carpenters, sign painters or others depending upon union jurisdiction may provide decorator services. The term applies to both contractors and skilled craftsperson.
a design pattern where one object provides a layer of functionality by wrapping or "decorating" another object
a function (callable) that takes a function as an argument
A function that modifies another function or method. Its return value is typically a callable object, possibly the original function, but most often another function that modifies the original function's behavior in some fashion.
any of the unrealistic model colors produced by Breyer mainly in the 1960s. Decorartor colors include: ageless bronze, copenhagen, florentine, gold charm, wedgewood, and silver filigree.
One who decorates, adorns, or embellishes; specifically, an artisan whose business is the decoration of houses, esp. their interior decoration.
a person who specializes in designing architectural interiors and their furnishings
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a layer that sits on top of the terrain
a way of adding details to a tile outside of the base terrain information
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See "mixin¤"
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a clever thing
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someone who decorates
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a person who decorates