Definitions for "Florentine"
Belonging or relating to Florence, in Italy.
A native or inhabitant of Florence, a city in Italy.
A butter, cream, and fruit cookie, one side is often coated with chocolate. Also may refer to dishes presented on a spinach and topped with Mornay sauce. Recipe: Florentines
Parallel lines are engraved in one direction, then lighter cross-hatchings or curved strokes are made in the opposite direction. Deeper than a brushed or satin finish.
A Florentine finish on a metal's surface reduces the metal's reflectivity or shininess. Parallel lines are carved into the surface using a sharp tool and then additional lines or curves at right angles are carved. Think, Cross hatching.
Also known as Bargello. This refers both to the craft itself and to the type of stitch. Long straight, vertical stitches on canvas produce geometric and zigzag designs. The variations in the groups and sizes of the stitches create the patterns. Despite having originated in Europe in the 17th century, Bargello has a contempry feel. It is easy to create designs, and is hardwearing, so is suitable for cushions, chair and stool covers.
A Universal Match Corp. trademark for matchcovers that had a waxy surface coating in a specific patterned design that doesn't cover any printing on the matchcover. There are about 175 varieties known. (See Filigree).
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dappled metallic gold with white mane and tail; one of the original decorator colors released in the 1960s.
Fighting with two weapons.
an antiquated fencing style where a secondary weapon or other instrument is used in the off hand.
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A kind of silk.
A kind of pudding or tart; a kind of meat pie.
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The name of a large famous diamond.