Definitions for "Contract management"
Keywords:  tender, selg, rfp, workflows, offline
All management activities which are carried out by contracting parties with respect to the handling of contracts: tendering, tender evaluation, award of contract, contract implementation, supervision, measurement and payment, claims, variation orders, arbitration, completion, etc. For the contractor, this involves the management of the whole construction process to achieve the required result within the terms and conditions of the contract.For the client or contracting agency - or where desired through delegated authority to consultants - this means the supervisory management of the construction works in accordance with the roles and responsibilities set out in the contract.
Contract Management solutions help ease contract creation and the negotiation process by providing a comprehensive library of templates containing standard pre-approved clauses and business terms, such as product, pricing, and benefit information that can be accessed quickly. Contract Management provides a complete process for presenting contract versions online or offline to external parties, capturing the ongoing dialog, tracking modifications, and comparing language across contract iterations. In general, a Contract Management solution will provide directory services, contract information, transaction information and compliance workflows.
the activities of the contracting or purchasing authority and centers around such areas as issuance of a request for proposal (RFP), tendering activities, contract award and subsequent amending activities.
The process of monitoring the performance of a supplier to ensure it complies with the terms of the contract