Definitions for "SIS"
Systems Integration Services
Special Intelligence Section
Sensory Impaired Service
SegaInterSettle. The SWX's (Swiss Exchanges) clearing and settlement organization. Allied with CREST. Web address:
SegaInterSettle AG, merger of SEGA (Swiss Security Clearing Corporation) and INTERSETTLE (Swiss Corporation for International Securities Settlements).
Seafood Information Systems
Student Information System -- module for the SCT Plus system.
Student Information Systems. Used throughout the North Dakota University System for Financial Aid, Admissions, Registration, and Continuing Education functions on each campus. System is administered and maintained by the Higher Education Computer Network (HECN) staff and is hosted at the HECN North Unit in Grand Forks.
A colloquial abbreviation of Sister.
a female person who has the same parents as another person; "my sister married a musician"
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Word termination of Greek origin signifying a state or condition. With a combining vowel it appears as ï3/4–asis, -esis, -iasis, or -osis.
The Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 This is the primary legislation which determines how superannuation funds operate, what they can and cannot do. It is administered by APRA and ASIC.
Shipbuilding Innovation Scheme
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(Mass noun: Er. isisu, "honor") Honor.
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Six. See Sise.
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A CASE Tool to help Software Factories to work. The CASE will Have a Bug Tracking, a Proyect Manager, a Development Managers, pre Billing etc.
Software Interface Specification
Superconductor/insulator/superconductor, a tunnel device
Swedish Standards Institute, Sweden
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This function makes it possible to snap off a still shot (VGA) while continuing to record a moving picture. There isn't even any need to change recording modes. The moving pictures are recorded onto tape, and the still is recorded onto the SD Memory Card. This two-in-one capability makes it possible to catch sudden photo opportunities without interrupting a moving picture scene.
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Select cubes of meat
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Small Island States.
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Science in Society
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Signal In Space