Definitions for "Fileset"
A hierarchy of directory and files. A fileset represents a mountable portion of the directory hierarchy of the AdvFS file system.
A fileset is the atomic unit of installation in Software Distributor. For more information please see Filesets.
a logical grouping of software files
Filesets are troves that contain only files, but those files come from components in the repository. They allow custom re-arrangements of any set of files in the repository. (They have no analog at all in the classical package model.) Each fileset's name is prefixed with fileset-, and that prefix is reserved for filesets only.
A collection of files within a file system.
a collection of files to which Alpha will apply commands that are normally used on individual files
a named collection of files that is bound to a single domain
An abstract representation of a set of files. For instance "*.java" refers to all files with a ".java" extension.
a Resource contained in a configuration file that defines the files to be backed up