Definitions for "STAIRS"
Aside from their obvious use stairs are also used in street course situations. They are generally located on one side of a centerpiece obstacle and often have a rail over the top. Stairs tend to disrupt the flow somewhat as they do not allow for multidirectional traffic; nevertheless they are still a very popular item with the riders.
Obstacle. One flight up takes a full days energy budget.
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Standard Automated Inventory and Referral System. STAIRS is an automated inventory and referral system that uses a commercial off-the-shelf software product called Resumix, and other information systems technology such as scanning, optical character recognition, artificial intelligence, interactive voice response (IVR), and the Internet. It eliminates most paper and many manual processes involved in the acceptance and referral of internal and external candidates for positions. See also Career Development
IBM's Storage and Information Retrieval System
Stable Annual Investment for Required Systems
Stairs are located directly back from the main entrance to the Library. This main staircase services the ground floor, first, second and third floors of the Library. Use elevators for access to the higher floors. Study Room Booking See: Group Study Rooms
a way of access consisting of a set of steps
A series of steps that lead from one level of floor to another.
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Stair Repair
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Things that go up and down without moving