Definitions for "SDS"
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Students for a Democratic Society; American student organization that flourished in the mid-to-late 1960s and was known for its activism against the Vietnam War. Initially, SDS chapters throughout the nation were involved in the Civil Rights Movement. SDS organized a national march on Washington D.C. in April 1965, and from about that period SDS grew increasingly militant, especially about issues relating to the war, such as the drafting of students. -"Students for a Democratic Society" Britannica Online.
Statistical Divisions are areas defined in the Australian Standard Geographical Classification (ASGC) which consist of one or more Statistical Subdivisions (SSDs) and cover, in aggregate, the whole of Australia without gaps or overlaps. They do not cross State or Territory boundaries and are the largest statistical area building blocks of States and Territories. SDs are used as large, general purpose regional type geographic areas. They represent relatively homogeneous regions characterised by identifiable social and economic links between the inhabitants and between the economic units within the region, under the unifying influence of one or more major towns or cities (ABS 1996). Tasmania is divided into four statistical divisions for Census purposes: Greater Hobart, Southern, Northern and Mersey-Lyell.
The Serbian democratic party in Bosnia. See SERBIAN DEMOCRATIC PARTY.
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Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale
Self Drilling Screws. Fasteners, used for attaching panels and trims to girts and purlins, which drill their own holes and eliminate the pre-drilling operation.
Self Directed Search
Second division segregation. The allele arrangement (2+2+2+2) in the spores of Ascomycetes with ordered spores that indicates a crossover between a locus and its centromere. A pattern of ascospore genotypes for a gene pair showing that the two alleles segregate into different nuclei only at the second meiotic division, as a result of a single crossover between that gene pair and its centromere; can only be detected in a ordered ascus. See First division segregation.
Safety Data Sheet
Scientific Data Set
Short Data Service
See Student Data System.
Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students, available to students enrolled in the School of Medicine who have "exceptional financial need" and come from "disadvantaged" backgrounds.
Stephen Decatur School
Software Design Specification, document specifying the software design for each build of the ground software.
Secondary Data Segment, a file management method available via UNICOS software for use on the SSD.
Software Digital Services. (7/96)
The compound used in solvents and to attatch to proteins (and hence allow them to be electrophoretically separated).
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San Diego State
amount that is accrued to dotSilver Network.
L - Single Line DSL. Requires just one twisted line compared to other forms of DSL that might need two or three. It is also symmetric, which means that the maximum upstream and downstream speeds are the same.
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Scottish Diabetes Survey
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Sealed cabinet
Sustainable Development Strategy
Staff Development Services