Definitions for "Legacy System"
Refers to established systems; for example, mainframe systems.
An information system that has been in use for a long time, usually on a mainframe or minicomputer.
A legacy system is one that will not receive any further development or enhancement. Typically, once a system has been declared to be a legacy system the only changes that are made to it are the application of patches that prevent security risks. When a system has been declared a legacy system, new accounts are created only under rare circumstances. A system is often declared to be a legacy system as a part of a plan to retire it.
In information technology terms, legacy applications and data are those that have been inherited from languages, platforms, and techniques prior to current technology. Most enterprises that use computers have legacy applications and databases that serve critical business needs.
an entity, consisting of a combination of software, hardware and manual procedures created, at some time in the past, to ease or support some business process