Definitions for "Factories"
Portuguese trading fortresses and compounds with resident merchants; utilized throughout Portuguese trading empire to assure secure landing places and commerce. (p. 667)
Places where things are made from natural resources and raw matenals.
Commercial Combined policy with many optional sections to include cover for buildings/stock and work in progress/machinery, plant, fixtures and fittings/computers/glass/money/loss of profits/book debts/ goods in transit/public, products & employers' liability. Additional covers for stock at customers' premises/legal expenses/engineering inspection, breakdown and plant damage. BE CAREFUL OF MINIMUM PREMIUMS APPLYING TO EACH SECTION OF THE POLICY AND BE AWARE OF THE DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE DEPENDING ON HOW MANY SECTIONS YOU CHOOSE.
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Factories can be built on planets. 1 factory produces 1 supply unit each month.
These are pieces of software that construct simple objects from stored data in a given location.