Definitions for "sims "
The fictional novel Sims (ISBN 0-7653-0551-8) by F. Paul Wilson explores a near-future event where Humanzees are created as a de facto slave race. Humanzees (a cross between a female chimpanzee and a male human) mythological creatures, are created by the human race as slaves.
secondary ion mass spectrometry
Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer
Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy
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"Soft development Innovation Multi Success"シムス) is a Japanese video game publisher and developer originally established on June 12, 1991 as a joint venture of Sanritsu Denki Co., Ltd. (commonly known as Sanritsu) and Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
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Static econdary on ass pectroscopy
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sims parses the output of "gpg --list-sigs" and produces graphs of all the signature relationships in different output formats. It aims to be a replacement for sig2dot which provides many new features. Additionally, parsing of the input is much improved.
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Schools Information Management Systems
School of Information Management and Systems
Student Information Management System, used throughout campus, this computer system is the central student database at TAMU.
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See SET Information System