Definitions for "Sig"
Schweitzerische Industrie Gesellschaft - German for Swiss Industrial Corporation. This company makes fine handguns and rifles on which a number of Airsofts are based.
Schweiz-Industrie Gesellschaft, the Swiss firm that produced M24 and M28 barrels for Finland.
Schweitzerische Industrie Gesellschaft(German language for 'Swiss Industrial Corporation').  Sig are a real-steel manufacturer based in Eckernforde, Germany and across Switzerland.  They make all manner of firearm, many of which have become airsoft replicas.
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Special Interest Group. This is similar to a message base, but it may also contain files.
Sponsors of a variety of listservs, IRC channels and Internet sites. SIGs exist for many different subjects.
Space Island Group
Provides direct, electronic delivery of a new prescription from a prescriber to the pharmacy of the patient's choice. It also enables the pharmacy to send a renewal request or a change request to the prescriber and receive an immediate response.
Seen mainly by pharmacists, Sig is several abbreviations for Latin terms that translates to I tab po qid pc & hus. When a pharmacist sees Sig on a prescription, it helps direct the pharmacist to label the container for a patient's medication.
A small standing head that labels a regularly appearing column or feature.
Sig is a fictional character from Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter series of games. The games he has appeared in so far are Jak II and Jak 3. Sig is a veteran Wastelander and skilled Metal Head hunter.
A signature on a message board is setup through your user control panel and appears below every post you make. Almost all boards have rules governing what your sig can and can't include, how big it can be, etc.
a small file inserted at the end of e-mail messages or USENET news postings to identify the sender; at a minimum, it should contain the sender's real name and an e-mail address. A snail-mail address and voice address (telephone number) also are good. Very elaborate sigs, containing graphics and mottos are considered uncool, since they use "bandwidth" without conveying information.
A sig is the short message placed at the bottom of an e- mail message or a discussion group posting that identifies the sender and includes items such as phone number, fax number, address, information about the person's occupation or company, and even a philosophical saying or humorous message.
Shared Instrumentation Grant
State Incentive Grant.
Student Incentive Grant
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your signature at the end of an email. Can consist of your email address, URL, or other contact information or a brief description of your business.
the short piece of text attached to the end of a post or piece of email; it should be no more than four lines long you bastards.
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Sealed Insulated Glass.
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Surface antibody
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Short for "signature."
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Signature File