Definitions for "Support group"
A group of people who provide emotional support, practical help, information, guidance or feedback to ease stressful experiences and help with coping
a formal gathering of persons sharing common interests and issues. The participants and facilitators share information, mutual support and often exchange coping skills with one another.
Voluntary group of individuals who meet periodically to exchange information and to provide mutual comfort in connection with some medical problem. Various prostate cancer and impotence support groups exist for men and their families.
Keywords:  grief, cry, anger, guilt, safe
a confidential, friendly setting for talking with others who've had similar losses, finding emotional support, and sharing ideas about working through grief and coping with life
a good place to find out what the best solutions are, and it's a good place to get support through this tough problem
a good place to meet other parents who are dealing with similar issues
Keywords:  groupabuse, divorce, small
a small groupabuse or gone through divorce
Keywords:  grapple, great, recipes, find, sorts
a great place to grapple with these sorts of issues
a great resource for finding out which recipes and products are best
a great way to get going though I find my groups support each other and I provide the hosting
an excellent idea, and I imagine that the American Cancer Society has lists of recommended oncologists
Keywords:  immersed, huge, help, way, street
a great way for individuals currently in debt and those who are out of it to share debt help ideas with each other
a huge help too
a two way street of both giving and receiving
an opportunity for individuals to get new information and to share with others with a similar disability
an informal network similar to the family structure," he says
Keywords:  tool, powerful
a powerful tool