Definitions for "Peer Group"
Peer group does not necessarily connote competitors, but most often are the call centers that have the same profile of activities that you have. For instance, a peer group might be all call centers handling mostly inbound calls that are mostly business-to-business in a call center of over 100 agents for a company with annual revenues of over one billion dollars.
A set of logical nodes which are grouped for purposes of creating a routing hierarchy. PTSEs are exchanged among all members of the group.
A narrowly defined group of investment managers who use a similar investment style, such as value investment managers.
a specialized sector of mutual funds that all invest in about the same type of stocks or areas of the world or size of companies or some such categorization
A composite of similarly managed portfolios from which averages are derived to serve as a benchmark for performance.
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a collection of peers
a set of associated peers that agree on how to communicate and share information