Definitions for "Virtual community"
A virtual community uses Internet technology to share information, ideas and resources among a group of like-minded participants located anywhere in the world. external links: eGroups now Yahoo Groups Liszt Now branded as 'Topica' information sheets: Using the Internet as a virtual community related index entries: DISCUSSION FORUM MAILING LIST NETIQUETTE NEWSGROUP
A netsite in cyberspace where people gather to discuss topics of mutual interest, make friends, and form relationships.
a collection of people with mutual interests, communicating through linkages provided by networked computers
a joint effort of AdCare Educational Institute and The New England Institute of Addiction Studies
a product of its members
a structured place for exchanges on the Internet, where the members can consult, post and change the information they have collected and, above all, share experiences and exchange advice on the implementation of activities
a set of on-going many-sided interactions that occur predominantly in and through computers linked via telecommunications networks
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