Definitions for "BBS"
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An online community run on a host computer that users can dial or log into in order to post messages on public discussion boards, send and receive email, chat with other users, and upload and download files. BBSs are text-based and often related to the specific hobbies or interests of their creators.
Bulletin Board Service. A common online service provided by companies or individuals for uploading and dowloading of messages or files.
bulletin board service. A place on the network where public messages can be left and one message can reach all users. (Tele, Gr. 4)
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Baby Brine Shrimp. Larvae of brine shrimp, crustaceans of the genus Artemia. Cultivated as food for fry and small fishes.
short for Baby Brine Shrimp (cause we are busy people and stuff LOL).
binaphobia Blowfish Braille ButtonGroup
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Bardet-Biedl Syndrome
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Breasts, boobs.
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Bowne Business Solutions
A behavior-based safety analysis process designed to ensure that employees learn appropriate workplace safety gestures, behavior and reflexes.
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Bonus Bucks
A byte is a series of bits of a particular length, usually 8. Computer storage space is measured in bytes. A Kilobyte (or 1 K) represents 1024 bytes and a Megabyte (1 Mb) represents one thousand "K" bytes, or one million bytes.
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brand of sports equipment (wheels, body kit)
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t-telling t-tall s-stories
A random number generating algorithm.
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Be Back Soon