Definitions for "Chat Room"
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A place in cyberspace where you and your friends hang out to talk and share ideas. Visit the Yahooligans! category of safe chats.
A "place" or page in a Web site or online service where people can chat, or "talk," with each other by typing messages. It's "real-time" communication like talking on the phone, except the "talkers" are typing text as with e-mail. E-mail, on the other hand, is delayed communication.
informal on-line gathering sites where people share conversations, experiences, or information on a specific topic; many chat rooms do not require users to provide their identity, so the reliability or safety of these sites is uncertain
a place where you could meet new friends or end up having casual exchanges with 'wolves in sheep's clothing' that can lead to exploitation and even physical dangers
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a true phenomenon
a more dynamic form of news group
Same as chat group.
A single group of chatters, usually focused on a particular topic, audience or geographic area.
Area on the internet where users have conversations with others.
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