Definitions for "fidonet"
A public network connecting thousands of BBS's around the world.
A Network of computers started 1984 that exchanges e-mail, files, and discussion groups. FidoNet Region 12.
a network of BBSs used to transfer files and messages both nationally and internationally - it is slow because transfers only (usually) take place at night so messages can take days to get from source to destination, especially when going from country to country
A system that allows many Bulletin Board Systems to be connected together so that messages can be transferred between them.
a network of more than 15,000 individual computerized bulletin boards.
A network of linked PC bulletin board systems.
Keywords:  amiga, gpl, linux, attempting, needed
This is a small project attempting to convert various DOS/Amiga/etc Fidonet related packages to Linux. All releases will be GPL. And help is needed.