Definitions for "ILS"
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EMS: ntermediate ife upport. Level of care provided by the EMT-I. It includes intravenous fluid administration and some advanced airway techniques. ILS technicians cannot administer any drug besides oxygen. ILS care levels vary from county to county. Aviation: nstrument anding ystem. A combination of special transmitters on the ground and receivers in the aircraft used to guide the plane to the runway. An ILS system is primarily oriented to be used on approach from one direction. Using the ILS "inverted" to approach the runway from the opposite direction is called a "Back-course" approach.
ILS is a program offered through Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS), which is within Maine's Department of Labor (DOL).
Located at most major airports, this navigational equipment employs two separate antennae to provide pilots with vertical and horizontal guidance to the runway.
Integrated Logistic Support
See Integrated Logistics Support
Integrated Learning Systems Computer-based, interactive learning incorporated into areas of the curriculum where computers are not always used, such as English and mathematics.
The ISO currency code for the Israeli Shekel.
In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Israeli Shekel.
In Line Speaker. An EPIRB equipped with a speaker that emits an audible warble to confirm activation and transmission of distress signal or to notify of accidental activation.
International Launch Services
International Laboratory Standard, against which WADA accredits laboratories.
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Illinois Soybean Board
A new suspension design that reduces the number of moving parts and helps to simplify the manufacturing process without sacrificing performance.
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Italian Linux Society
Inventory Locator Service
Internet Location Server. A service which allows users of a network to identify which machines are connected and what their current IP addresses are.
Internet Locator Server
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Independent Living Skills