Definitions for "WGS"
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A global geodetic reference system developed by the USA for satellite position fixing and recommended by IHO for hydrographic and cartographic use. See WGS84."A consistent set of parameters describing the size and shape of the earth, the positions of a network of points with respect to the center of mass of the earth, transformations from major geodetic datums, and the potential of the earth (usually in terms of harmonic coefficients)."
World Geodetic System - A world datum developed by the DOD which uses the Earth's center of mass as an origin.
World Geodetic System ¢ŠE‘ª'nŒn
Whole Genome Shotgun. A sequencing method by which an entire genome is cut into chunks of discrete sizes (usually 2,10, 50 and 150 Kb) and cloned into an appropriate vector. The ends of these clones are sequenced. The two ends from the same clone are referred to as mate pairs. The distance between two mate pairs can be inferred if the library size is known and should have a narrow window of deviation. references: Weber JL, Myers EW. Human whole-genome shotgun sequencing. Genome Res 1997; 7(5): 401-409. Venter JC et al. The sequence of the human genome. Science 2001; 291(5507):1304-51. Batzogluo S et al. ARACHNE: a whole-genome shotgun assembler. Genome Res 2002; 12(1):177-89. Mullikin JC, Ning Z. The phusion assembler. Genome Res 2003; 13(1):81-90.
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Workgroup Systems
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Woodland Grant Scheme.
Washington General Service. The Washington General Service is a way of denoting that part of classified service that is primarily front line and supervisors - what we usually think of as "classified staff".
Waste Generator Services