Definitions for "LCMS"
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Software that serves as a repository for shared course content and that supports the creation, storage, retrieval, and delivery of learning objects. Back to top of glossary
a multi-user environment where learning developers can create, store, reuse, manage, and deliver digital
an assembly of software products that include a learning object repository (LOR) with authoring and delivery interfaces for eLearning and knowledge management
Lifetime Certified Metrication Specialist, the lifetime recertification of the USMA certification of an individual's knowledge of common SI units and their correct use. See also CAMS, CMS, LCAMS.
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LCMS is designed to meet the needs of the Litte Caesar's pizza shop in Warren, PA. Features include an online calendar, online time-switching, and more.
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a very interesting project that will change the future of Dokeos but we must be aware of some possible dangers