Definitions for "Learning object"
Course materials developed according to a standard that allows easy sharing. It is a reusable, media-independent chunk of information used as modular building block for e-Learning content and can be used for a variety of purposes and outputs.
See Reusable Learning Object.
A multimedia learning experience related to a particular educational purpose. Learning objects contain files, organisations, metadata, and other learning objects. The files and sub-ordinate learning objects are used to create the multimedia learning experience. An organisation specifies a navigation path through the learning object. A learning object may have many organisations, and hence many possible navigation paths. Metadata is structured information about the learning object supporting management, description of educational purpose, technical interoperability, digital rights management and accessibility.
Defined in the UK LOM Core as 'an aggregation of digital assets that represents an educationally meaningful stand-alone unit' (ie an electronic resource) but may be extended to include an 'educationally meaningful stand-alone unit' in any format (eg book, DVD, artefact&)
The electronic representation of media, text, image, sound, or other data, or an aggregation of such pieces of data into a cohesive unit of instruction, that can be delivered to a Web client. Back to top of glossary
a discrete unit of information that can be used in multiple applications to teach a specific concept or technique
a flash animation which teaches a concept or process to users
a piece of instruction that can stand on its own and teach one thing
Item one is to learn from a learning activity or lesson.
an item of online learning material
a section of a course that can be stored and used again in another communication or learning product.
Any collection of information that is used as a building block in a course.
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