Definitions for "CMI"
see cell-mediated immunity.
Cell mediated immunity. The form of adaptive immunity that is mediated by T lymphocytes and serves as the defense mechanism against microbes that survive within phagocytes or infect non-phagocytic cells. CMI responses include CD4 cell-mediated activation of macrophages that have phagocytosed microbes and CD8 CTL killing of infected cells (1).
(T) cell-mediated immunity
Corrective Measures Implementation. Corrective Measures Implementation (CMI) The purpose of the Corrective Measures Implementation (CMI) portion of the RCRA corrective action process is to design, construct, operate, maintain and monitor the performance of the corrective measure(s) selected by the implementing agency. Thus far in the corrective action program, the CMI process generally entailed a conceptual design phase for the selected remedy, a detailed review of intermediate plans and specifications by the implementing agency, and the development of final plans and specifications. ( EPA, 1994 p 59)
Corrective Measures Implementation. The design and implementation of clean-up measures at a RCRA hazardous waste site.
Corrective Measures Investigation
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Co-Managed Inventory.
Software that allows you to manage record keeping, tracking, enrollment, and related tasks for computer-based training. Back to top of glossary
Centralized Management Interface provides a series of SMIT menus and dialogues used for defining and querying the SP system configuration.
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Champaign-Urbana IL
Can Manufacturers Institute. 1625 Massachusetts Ave., N.W. Washington DC 20036 (202) 232-4677
Core Ministries Institute [Church Ministries in CEE/ Med
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See Crop Moisture Index.
Crop Moisture Index. The CMI is derived from the Palmer Drought Severity Index and shows short-term moisture supply across major agricultural regions.
Case Mix Index
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Chronic Mental Illness.
Chronically Mentally Ill
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Canis Minor
A special region in General Motors files in which dealers may order and sell ""value priced"" vehicles with special packages of popular options at a set sticker price. Selling vehicles in this manner reduces haggling between the dealer and the customer, because the dealer's margin is much smaller than on a traditionally priced vehicle.
Capacity Margin Instruments. A mechanism such as a capacity obligation that requires electricity industry participants to provide a defined level of generating capacity.
Common messaging interface. An API provided by message oriented middleware (MOM).
California Mentor Initiative
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coded mark inversion. ITU-T line coding technique specified for STS-3c transmissions. Also used in DS-1 systems. See also DS-1 and STS-3c.
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Control Mode Idle
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Count Me In