Definitions for "ctl"
cytotoxic T lymphocyte. also known as killer T cells, CTLs are a type of white blood cell with surface antigen receptors that bind to fragments of antigens displayed by certain molecules of virus-infected somatic and tumor cells.
See Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte.
see cytotoxic T cell
[c]atch [t]he [l]og catches windows event logs from windows boxes and puts them into a mysql database. with the web front end you can easily browse through certain events and analyse top events/machines.
Coniferous Timber Licence
Cut to length. New timber harvesting equipment allows loggers to fell trees, delimb them, and cut them to market length specifications before loading them on forwarders bound for the landing. CTL equipment is a recent trend in logging operations.
Control testing laboratories SVT Terminally sterilized small volume parenteral
Abbreviation of control signal. A pulse signal recorded on a longitudinal track of the tape in units of fields. Counting this signal allows the number of frames to be used to display the tape running time. It is also used as a control signal to adjust the relationship between the scanning position of the video beads and tape movement during playback to match that during recording.
Sony naming for the Control Track output containing the RT information in the Sony dialect.
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cement tile qual quality
See certificate trust list.
commander's task list
certificate trust list. A signed list of root certification authority certificates that an administrator considers reputable for designated purposes, such as client authentication or secure e-mail. See also: certificate; certification authority (CA); root certificate
Center for Transportation & Logistics
Center for Teaching and Learning
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Coal To Liquids
Community Transformer Location. A designation used by ComEd for the distribution system. A CTL provides electric service to multiple customers.
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Constructive Total Loss.
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Computer Technology Limited.