Definitions for "Cytotoxic T lymphocyte"
Keywords:  ctl, killer, lymphocyte, marker, fungi
also known as killer T cells, CTLs are a type of white blood cell with surface antigen receptors that bind to fragments of antigens displayed by certain molecules of virus-infected somatic and tumor cells.
Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte. White, killer blood cell. They carry the CD8 marker. They destroy infected or abnormal sells that have been marked for destruction via potent chemicals called cytokines. See also Cell-Mediated Immunity
A lymphocyte that is able to kill foreign cells marked for destruction by the cellular immune system. CTLs can destroy cancer cells and cells infected with viruses, fungi, or certain bacteria. CTLs are also known as killer T cells; they carry the CD8 marker. CTLs kill virus-infected cells, whereas antibodies generally target free-floating viruses in the blood. See also CD8 (T8) Cells.