Definitions for "Cytokines"
"Messenger molecules" by which cells of the immune system signal and instruct one another; the interferons and the interleukins are examples.
Chemicals produced by one group of cells that affect the growth and function of others
Hormone-like proteins that are secreted by many different types of cells. Cytokines regulate the intensity and duration of immune responses.
Nephrotic Testis Neural Thermoregulation
Neuronal Tolerance Neurons Tomography
Molecular Thermoregulation
Medullary Sclerosis Menopause Secretion
Malignant Sclerosis Melanoma Secretion
Malignant Stabilization Mandible Steel
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Neonatal Synaptic
Neonatal Urology
Monocytes Thrombomodulin
Monocytes Thrombosis Monokines Thyrotropin
Lupus Stabilization
Lipophilic Lupus Teratogenic
Neuropathy Thyroxine Neurotransmitter Tolerance
Monotherapy Thyroxine
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Mucopurulent Trichomonas
Nocturia Ultrasonography
Keywords:  naproxen, tricyclic
Naproxen Tricyclic
Oral Vascular Overdose Ventilation
Neuromuscular Niacin Vascular
Keywords:  maculopapular, syphilis
Maculopapular Syphilis
Lymph Spectrum
Lymphoma Spectrum Stasis
Lymphoma Screening
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Lidocaine Sedative Loa Selenium
Mutagenesis Topical
Related Topic"...There are at least 17 different kinds of interleuken and 3 classes of interferon called alpha, beta and gamma and various subsets..."
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Ocular Urethritis
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Mucus Tyrosine
Membrane Transplantation
Spasticity Membrane Sphingomyelins
Keywords:  mucocutaneous, tears
Mucocutaneous Tears
Keywords:  intravenous, steroid
Intravenous Steroid
Keywords:  myeloma, systemic
Myeloma Systemic
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The cause of flu like symptoms. In CFS the theory is that when the virus is gone the cytokines forget to disappear.
Also known as colony stimulating factors See also: Colony-Stimulating-Factors