Definitions for "Tomography"
Keywords:  tomogram, slice, blurred, ray, plane
an x-ray picture of internal organs of the body.
If a person takes a particular drug (or medicine) over some time, the drug may gradually become less effective as their body may respond less to it. This is known as drug tolerance. If this happens, it may be necessary either to increase the dose or change to another drug.
A method of producing three-dimensional images of the internal structures of a solid object (as the human body or the earth) while blurring out the images of other areas. Reference: B1
Construction of the image of velocity variations inside the Earth from measurements of seismic waves at the surface.
A method for determining the distribution of physical properties within the earth by inverting the results of a large number of measurements made in three dimensions (e.g. seismic, radar, resistivity, EM) between different source and receiver locations.
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anatomic information
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localization of imagine to a certain layer only