Definitions for "BRAIN SCAN"
A general term to mean any investigation that produces pictures of the brain. A CT scan or MRI scan shows slices through the brain. A SPECT scan shows the brain's blood supply.
Injection of radioactive isotopes into the circulation to determine the function and abnormality of the brain.
This can be done by using ultrasound, X rays (called CT scan) or magnetic resonance (called MR) to create a picture of the brain in order to gain information about it.
Any A radionuclide test for measuring blood circulation through the brain, or for detecting tumors, infection, or evidence of stroke.
a non-invasive test that will show past injuries (stroke), some tumors, and changes in the brain tissue
Nuclear Medicine procedure sometimes used for the evaluation and diagnosis of cerebrovascular disease.
an imaging method used to find abnormalities in the brain, including brain cancer and cancer that has spread to the brain from other places in the body.