Definitions for "Bone scan"
Radionuclide test usually performed in the radiology department. It can detect fractures, stress fractures, areas of infection in bone, abnormal bone growth, and bone cancer, and also spread of cancer to the bones.
A test to create images of your bones on a computer screen or on film. A small amount of radioactive material is first injected into your vein and then travels through your bloodstream. It collects in your bones (especially abnormal areas of the bone) and is then detected by a scanner. This examination can detect tumors of the bone.
The injection of a trace amount of radioactive substance into the bloodstream to illuminate the bones under a special camera to see if the cancer has spread to the bones.
a more lengthy procedure and involves two parts
a painless procedure that provides an accurate measure of a person's bone density
A technique that creates images of bones on a computer screen to indicate areas of injury, disease, or healing.
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