Definitions for "PET scan"
Imaging technique which measures the cerebral concentration of positron-emitting isotopes which are incorporated into biologically active compounds. The concentration of the tracers is determined by detectors positioned outside the head, and tomographic images are constructed by a computer in a way similar to CT or MRI. PET scanning can be used to measure cerebral blood flow, oxygen uptake, or glucose utilization. The technology is available at a few large medical centers where it is used in both research and specialized clinical applications; however it is not utilized routinely in diagnosis.
Computer-generated picture of the living brain, created by analysis of radioactive particles from isotopes injected into the bloodstream.
An imaging study that helps to distinguish cancer from benign tissue and assesses the response of cancer to therapy. A patient is injected with a tiny amount of radioactive material that is combined with a sugar. The test works on the principle that tumors metabolize (use up) more sugar than normal tissue.
a functional nuclear medicine test that is sometimes used to help confirm the presence of a tumor or identify additional tumors
a nuclear medicine medical imaging technique that produces a three dimensional image or map of functional processes in the body
a relatively new nuclear medicine technique that may be very helpful in evaluating and identifying the stage of a lung mass
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a painless study that will take about two hours
a procedure to find malignant tumor cells in the body
a simple procedure