Definitions for "radiography"
Keywords:  gamma, iridium, shadow, ray, cobalt
A method of non-destructive inspection in which the object being inspected is exposed to a beam of X-rays or gamma rays and the resulting shadow image of the object is recorded on film or is displayed on a viewing screen or television monitor. Internal defects are then detected due to differences in absorption.
using radiation sources to "photograph" internal structures, such as turbine blades in jet engines. A sealed radiation source, usually iridium-192 or cobalt-60, beams gamma rays at the object to be checked. Gamma rays passing through flaws in the metal or incomplete welds strike special photographic film (radiographic film) on the opposite side. The process is very similar to taking an x-ray to check for broken bones.[] [ Click "BackButton" for previous location
An x-ray record of certain internal structures of the body.
Art or process of making radiographs, radiograms, or autoradiograms.