Definitions for "iridium"
A rare metallic element of atomic number 77, of the same group as platinum, which it much resembles, being silver-white and indifferent to most corrosive agents, but harder, more brittle, and with a higher melting temperature (2410° C, versus platinum 1772° C). With the exception of osmium, it is the heaviest substance known, its specific gravity being 22.4. Symbol Ir. Atomic weight 192.22.
A metal of the platinum family often alloyed with platinum to improve workability. Pieces marked "80% Plat. 20% Irid" would indicate that the alloy is 80 % platinum and 20% iridium.
An element of the platinum group . A cubic mineral consisting of more than 80% iridium and includes osmium, palladium, or related elements, which make up the remainder.
A world-wide satellite telephone system that uses low-orbit satellites to provide universal global communications coverage. Iridium's original high cost and poor service almost led to the company's collapse in 1999. A reorganized Iridium now offers very competitive rates and smaller phones. Other satellite phone services include Globalstar and ICO/Ellipse. (See our links page.)
A network of 66 low earth orbit satellites designed to give instantaneous world-wide telephone coverage to anyone with lots of money. Originally intended to have 77 satellites (hence the name: the atomic number of iridium is 77), it should now strictly speaking be called Dysprosium. Surprisingly, this suggestion of mine has not been taken up by the Iridium corporation.
Satellite Personal Communications System involving 66 satellites in low earth orbit, providing global communications from mobile telephones
A radioactive wire often used to deliver the boost to the operative site in breast conserving techniques.
A radioactive source used to give internal radiotherapy. Often used as wires, which are put into the tumour under anaesthetic.
A radioactive isotope used in interstitial brachytherapy.
reflective coating material for plastics (visors, fairing bubbles) to give them a "mirror" and coloured effect.
a US company with an established and reputable offshore operations base