Definitions for "Pewter"
Keywords:  antimony, tin, bismuth, alloy, copper
A hard, tough, but easily fusible, alloy, originally consisting of tin with a little lead, but afterwards modified by the addition of copper, antimony, or bismuth.
Utensils or vessels made of pewter, as dishes, porringers, drinking vessels, tankards, pots.
A malleable metal alloy containing tin, alloyed with antimony, copper and/or lead.
Keywords:  leopards, gray, charcoal, joy, darker
the darker gray colouring usually seen as a base colour on charcoal leopards. (Check out Joy for an example.)
Used here as a term for a hardware finish, a non-shiny gray color, called US15A by the door industry.
To dream of pewter, foretells straitened circumstances. See Dishes.
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