Definitions for "Satellite Navigation"
Keywords:  gps, navigate, egnos, gnss, glonass
Same as In-Car Navigation.
A system that uses satellite observations to determine an aircraft’s position and heading. In the near future, satellite navigation will largely supersede traditional ground-based navigation systems such as radio beacons. (– EGNOS, Galileo, GLONASS, GNSS, GPS, SBAS)
Handheld or in-car navigation devices that use GPS satellites to determine your current location and built-in map software to calculate a route to your destination.
Sophisticated electronic location method that enables sailors to instantly determine the exact latitude and longitude, within just a few feet, anywhere on the surface of the surface of the earth, of whatever it was they just ran aground on.
A form of position finding using radio transmissions from satellites with sophisticated on-board automatic equipment.
A form of position finding using radio transmission from satellites with onboard equipment.